Se: Medhelp will pay 12 million SEK after the 1177 leak

SEK 12 million in penalty fees against the company Medhelp, half a million against the Stockholm Region and SEK 250,000 against each against Sörmland and Värmland. This is the outcome of the review made by the Privacy Protection Authority in the case of the millions of 1177 calls that were left unprotected on the internet.

[Notes: 1177 calls are calls to Sweden’s healthcare helpline. 12 million Swedish krona (SEK) converts to USD $1,405,032.00 ]

The following is a machine translation of an article by Jesper Cederberg on

In February 2019, the magazine Computer Sweden revealed that 2.7 million calls to 1177 Vårdguiden were unprotected on the internet . The affected regions were Stockholm, Sörmland and Värmland, which all hired the private company Medhelp to receive 1177 calls.

Since then, the Privacy Protection Authority (IMY), formerly known as the Data Inspectorate, has examined the actors in the case. These are three regions and three companies. Now the authority has made a decision.


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