Seattle University laptop containing 2,000 Social Security numbers lost

Asia Fields reports:

Seattle University is warning that the names and Social Security numbers of more than 2,000 people could be exposed after a university-issued laptop was lost last month.

Files containing information for 2,102 current and former faculty, staff and their dependents are accessible from the unencrypted laptop, which a university employee lost on a King County Metro bus on March 26, according to a statement from the university.

Read more on Seattle Times.

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  1. Joni Balter - May 2, 2019

    How do you find out if your name and social security number were affected. I am not in the university’s benefit program yet I received a letter warning me that I may be included.

    • Dissent - May 2, 2019

      Their statement suggests that if you got a letter, your information *was* on the lost/missing laptop. You might call them and ask them if they can confirm that your name and SSN was on the laptop in the email cache file that had been sent by the vendor or if it was on the laptop for some other reason.

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