Second class action lawsuit against Western Health Authority filed

Gary Kean reports that a second class action lawsuit, representing about 200 patients who received breach notifications from Western Health, has been filed. Unlike the other lawsuit, however, this one names the employee as a co-defendant. Over 1,000 patients received notification letters concerning an employee’s inappropriate access to their files. For at least some patients, there were repeated accesses to their files without legitimate purpose.

Some of the patients seem to be asking good questions. Kean reports:

The plaintiffs also want to know the answers to questions not provided by Western Health in its registered letter to the 1,043 affected patients.

“In the letter, (Western Health) provided no explanation as to how the breach was able to occur, how (Colbourne) was able to access so many patient records inappropriately over an extended period of time and why the audit only consisted of an 11-month period,” stated the claim.


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