‘Secret’ Swedish police data sold by criminals

Supposedly secret police lists containing details about Sweden’s most dangerous criminals are up for sale across the country among members of the Swedish underworld. The documents have apparently been leaked from the Stockholm police’s Criminal Investigation Department.

The lists, known as the Alcatraz List and Nova List, contain a wide-range of information about Sweden’s toughest criminals, there associations to one another, as well a details about their relationships with family members, acquaintances, and girlfriends.


Linderoth confirmed that information from the lists is being sold to criminal across the country. She said that the lists came out as a result of criminal activity and that no police officers are suspected of being invovled.

Nor does she believe the disclosure has damaged the police’s work.

“It’s not good, but it’s a living document and now that we know about it can we restructure things,” she told DN.

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