Securities Investors Association (Singapore) notifies 70,000 members of newly discovered 2013 breach

Benjamin Cher reports:

The Securities Investors Association (Singapore) has discovered a data breach that happened five years ago.

In an email to its members, SIAS said that some 70,000 members have had their personal particulars illegally accessed and copied in 2013.

Data stolen included names, NRIC numbers and telephone numbers of the members.

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The report doesn’t indicate whether the association found or believes that the access was by an external source or if they believe it to have been by a rogue insider.

The theft of NRIC numbers seems significant, as googling NRIC numbers returns:

A NRIC number is a unique 9-character alphanumeric code found on the National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) issued by the Singaporean government to citizens and permanent residents. This number is required for many activities, including opening bank accounts.

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