Security agency tells Europe to find alternative to risky email

European governments and businesses should investigate alternative communication channels to e-mail in the longer term after a string of alarming attacks, the EU’s cyber security agency warned today (13 March) in a special alert.

The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) issued the so-called Flash Note in the wake of “recent major cyber-attacks”, calling for Europe’s businesses and governments to take urgent action to combat emerging cyber-attack trends.

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  1. IA ENG - March 14, 2013

    THIS is retarded. There is no planning, brainstorming, or purchase of a secure highly successful product that can strip out most bad emails. Ever hear of white and blacklists? Ever hear of using a firewall to geo-block countries that you expect never to hear from ?

    You can find products out there that will strip ALL attachments from non-white list emails. URL links in emails can be stripped as well.

    Simply breaking all email communication to the outside world will only alienate yourself farther. Who the heck is in charge of the IT department? OBVIOUSLY its some one that cannot communicate, refuses to talk to the Team or refuses to change. fire their ass and find some one that CAN find a solution that works.

    Changing your way of doing buisness will only cause the enemy to do the same. If it is not email, then its social engineering or they build malicious websites with keywords that you use everyday. They are using tactics that work against you beause YOU LET THEM. Refusing to think forward and out of the box just makes the hackers chuckle and shake their heads.

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