Security breach at Halifax and Bank of Scotland left account activities visible for up to six years (UPDATED)

Katie Morley reports:

A security hole in Halifax and Bank of Scotland’s online banking facilities has put tens of thousands of customers at risk of fraud by leaving their financial activities visible to anyone.

The glitch meant fraudsters were able to view accounts without using hacking devices as they would only need someone’s name, date of birth and address to see their bank, savings, credit card, loan or mortgage account details.

Read more on The Telegraph. And if you’re a customer, I hope you’re sitting down when you read it, because the banks aren’t being fully transparent about when the exposure began – other than it occurred after the banks were acquired by Lloyd’s in early 2009.

Update: The flaw was first discovered by MoneySavingExpert, who report that up to 23,000 customers might be impacted.

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