Security is a pain for American Dental Association: Ransomware infection feared

Jessica Lyons Hardcastle reports:

The Black Basta crime gang has claimed it infected the American Dental Association with ransomware.

While the professional association confirmed to The Register it was the victim of a “cybersecurity incident” that occurred on or around April 21, it did not disclose the nature of the attack.

As of Friday last week, the organization “is currently executing an ongoing, active and vigorous investigation into the nature and scope of the technical difficulties in cooperation with federal authorities,” we’re told. “The ADA recognizes unsubstantiated reports are being circulated by organizations with no connection to this investigation.”

Read more at TheRegister.

As of this morning, there is no listing for the ADA on Black Basta’s leak site, but Malware Hunter Team had previously posted a screencap where the claim had been made.

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