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An administrator has posted an alert in their forum:

On September 28, 2010 at around 3:30 pm US Central Standard Time, there was a flood attack against MySQL Server. The Attack was from inside the server, before we acquire the company a couple of hackers/crackers with bad intentions were allowed to have a hosting accounts in the server, The first attacks at first was mostly focus on WordPress websites owners breaching the accounts and leaving phishing/Spoof paypal websites in them.

When we find this our we immediately terminated his account and banned his IP but he had access to to other accounts he had hacked previously and went ahead and try to flood the MySQL server. our firewalls block the attack but mysql was down for a quiet some time.

Read the rest of the announcement here. had previously noted an increase in FTP-related security breaches.

Regina Smola of WPSecurityLock is not happy with the administrator’s advice and has posted her own suggestions, here.

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