Security Service of Ukraine identified FSB hackers who carried out more than 5,000 cyberattacks on state bodies of Ukraine

From an SSU press release:

SSU cyber specialists have identified hackers from the notorious ARMAGEDON group, which carried out more than 5,000 cyber attacks on state bodies and objects of critical infrastructure of Ukraine. They were officers of the “Crimean” FSB, as well as traitors who sided with the enemy during the occupation of the peninsula in 2014.

The Ukrainian special service revealed the identities of the intruders, obtained incontrovertible evidence of their illegal activity, including interception of their phone calls. SSU has done it despite of the fact that the criminals used the FSB’s own malware, as well as means of anonymization and “covers” in the Internet.

Currently, 5 members of the hackers group received the suspicion notices of high treason according to art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

According to available information, the hacker group “ARMAGEDON” is a special FSB project, the primary goal of which was Ukraine. This “direction of work” was coordinated by the 18th Center of FSB of the Russian Federation (Information Security Center), based in Moscow.

Read more of the release here and  you can watch the videos they released.

Catalin Cimpanu has a helpful write-up on it all on The Record.

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