Sekhmet ransomware team claims to have hit international IT firm “very hard”

Sekhmet ransomware operators claim to have hit an international IT firm, Excis, “very hard.”  The attack reportedly occurred on May 30, and the threat actors are pressing hard to get the firm to pay an undisclosed amount of ransom.

The attack was revealed yesterday on Sekhmet’s website.

“Excit Ltd hit very hard by Sekhmet” the threat actors claim.

We are sharing a big part of their data since their director Finn Lyskov said that we do not have any important data, so be it

the threat actors wrote on their website.

Their It managers are highly unprofessional and we will continue to perform attacks on this company and Mr. Kunal Amodkar will never be able to patch or fix the vulnerabilities which we exploited and look what this company claims on their website services they provide:

Securing banks and military sites
Implementing security policies
Site to site encryption
Server security
Software security
Infiltration testing
Emergency response in the event of a security breach

The threat actors also name some of the firm’s corporate clients and suggest that they will contact them to alert them that their data was compromised because it was on Excis servers “completely unprotected.”

As part of their strategy, Sekhmet has made two archives of data available to the public to download — but not the passwords to those archives. They threaten to release the passwords tomorrow  if their demands are not met.

There is no indication on Excis’s site of any incident or problem. sent an inquiry to Excis last night to ask for their comment on the situation, but no reply was received as of the time of this publication. This post will be updated when a response is received.

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