Sen. Menendez Calls For Privacy Bill To Protect Consumers In Case Of Data Breaches

CBS reports:

U.S. Sen.Robert Menendez and Rep. Albio Sires (D-N.J.) announced Friday that they plan to reintroduce a Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights to improve protection for consumer data.

Menendez originally called for the bill after a major data breach that affected Target stores during the holiday shopping season in 2013. Numerous other high-profile data breaches have plagued other companies in the time since.

In addition to protecting data, the bill would also provide consumers with greater privacy rights and set up an accountability system for businesses, Menendez’s office said.


The legislation would only apply to companies covered by the FTC that collect or store certain information on more than 5,000 people within a period of a year. Private lawsuits under the legislation would not be allowed.

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