Sensitive Laptops Stolen From Irish Revenue

Hooray – it’s Data Protection Day in EU and here’s a news story that shows how data protection may have prevented what could have been worse problems:

A total of ten laptops, thought to contain sensitive information have been stolen from the offices of the Revenue Commissioner last night.

Gardaí in Dublin said today they are investigating the theft of the laptops from the Dublin based offices.

Detectives said they believe three men walked in to the offices on the Navan Road at around 7pm last night and took all ten laptops.

However, it has emerged that the Revenue Commissioners are operating strict procedures that mean all its laptops are encrypted.


Hopefully, all of the laptops really were encrypted with strong encryption and the IR has backups. It is encouraging to see that what might have been a more serious problem avoided through the use of adequate data protection. I wouldn’t even count this as a breach.

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