Seoul Matchmaker’s Hard Drive Stolen, 1500 Affected

AlertBoot reports on a case for which I find no English-language media coverage, so I’m quoting their summary of the breach:

Matchmakers in Korea require a lot of information to find out if people are compatible, as must be the case for matchmakers around the globe. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the information in the stolen disk contained names; addresses; contact information; details on employment, education, and net worth; and family background, among other personal details.

At least one report states that “the entire computer” was stolen, leading me to believe that it wasn’t a hard drive that was stolen, but a desktop computer’s main body sans monitor, keyboard, etc. (regardless, I’ll continue referring to it as a “disk”). If so, it might aid police who are checking video footage, including those from nearby businesses.

Police believe that the burglary targeted the information found in the computer because nothing else was missing. The incident took place over the October 8 weekend.

Read more on AlertBoot.

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