SERNAC computer services hacked: Chile’s Interior Ministry assessing scope of cyberattack

The National Consumer Service (SERNAC) is the public service in Chile that is responsible for safeguarding and promoting consumer rights. On August 25,  LaTercera reported that SERNAC’s website was down due to a cyberattack.

SERNAC’s site tells visitors that the site and its platforms are “under maintenance.” The notice is still up as of publication today. Image credit:

SERNAC is coordinating their investigation and response with the Computer Emergency Response Team (CSIRT), the division of the Ministry of the Interior in charge of cybersecurity.  SERNAC will also be reporting the incident to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for criminal investigation.

While the site is disabled, consumers can file claims or citizen alerts in person at SERNAC offices. SERNAC offices can be found in all regional capitals. Consumers can also file claims or alerts by calling SERNAC at  800 700 100.

Read more at LaTercera.

Update: Shortly after publication, DataBreaches discovered that there has been confirmation that this was a ransomware incident, although the government has not stated what type of ransomware it believes this is. A government alert that is TLP:WHITE was shared on Twitter although it cannot be found on CSIRT’s website at this time:


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