Seven indicted in NYS-DMV ID theft ring

Seven members of an identity fraud ring who allegedly sold more than 200 New York state driver’s licenses and other identification documents in stolen identities, netting more than $1 million, were indicted yesterday in New York. The ring included two New York City-based employees of NYS-DMV.

The defendants were previously charged in a Complaint unsealed on February 23, 2010. Six defendants were arrested on that Complaint; one defendant remains at large.

As alleged in the previously-unsealed Complaint and in the Indictment returned yesterday,  the case targeted a New York-based identity fraud ring that obtained New York State driver’s licenses, learner’s permits, and identification cards (collectively, “DMV Documents”) using stolen identities that belonged to real people and agreed to sell those DMV Documents to, among others, convicted felons, a sex offender, an individual featured on the television show “America’s Most Wanted,” and an undercover officer who claimed to be on the U.S. Government no-fly list.

The participants in this criminal scheme included, among others, two allegedly corrupt NYS-DMV employees: Robin Jones-Woodson and Glenda Hinton.

In addition, fifteen alleged customers of the ring were previously charged in separate Complaints, and thirteen of those
customers have been apprehended by law enforcement officers.

Source: U.S. Attorney’s Office

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