SF MUNI hacker gets hacked

What goes around….

Brian Krebs reports:

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) was hit with a ransomware attack on Friday, causing fare station terminals to carry the message, “You Hacked. ALL Data Encrypted.” Turns out, the miscreant behind this extortion attempt got hacked himself this past weekend, revealing details about other victims as well as tantalizing clues about his identity and location.


On Monday, KrebsOnSecurity was contacted by a security researcher who said he hacked this very same [email protected] inbox after reading a news article about the SFMTA incident. The researcher, who has asked to remain anonymous, said he compromised the extortionist’s inbox by guessing the answer to his secret question, which then allowed him to reset the attacker’s email password. A screen shot of the user profile page for [email protected] shows that it was tied to a backup email address, [email protected], which also was protected by the same secret question and answer.

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