Sg: Ex-deputy lead of MOH data unit jailed for leaking daily Covid-19 case numbers in 2020

Low Youjin reports from Singapore:

Despite having signed an undertaking to safeguard official information, a former deputy lead from a data management unit of the Ministry of Health (MOH) chose to leak classified Covid-19 information to members of a chat group on multiple occasions before it was officially announced to the public.

Zhao Zheng’s attitude towards the role entrusted to her was so “cavalier”, as described by a judge, that she even went so far as to play a game on some days, asking the group to guess how many confirmed Covid-19 cases there were that day.

The winner would receive 1 yuan (S$0.21) as a good luck gift from Zhao.

On Tuesday (Feb 22), the 36-year-old Singaporean was jailed for 18 weeks after she pleaded guilty to 12 charges related to the offences that took place in 2020.

Read more at TodayOnline.  This case involved both issues of the defendant releasing state information/statistics that she should not have been releasing, but she also accessed health information on identifiable patients and shared that information in some cases.


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