SG: Personal data of Ministry of Defence and Singapore Armed Forces were potentially affected by unrelated attacks on two vendors

Clara Chong reports that two unrelated incidents involving government vendors had put the data of Ministry of Defence and Singapore Armed Forces staff at risk.

2,400 Mindef and SAF leaked after ST Logistics phished:

The data included the full names and NRIC numbers, and a combination of contact numbers, e-mail or residential addresses, Mindef said in a statement yesterday.

98,000 SAF servicement potentially affected by HMI Institute of Health Sciences ransomware attack:

The training provider, HMI Institute of Health Sciences, hired a cyber security firm to conduct investigations and concluded that the incident was a random and opportunistic attack on the server and there was no evidence that the data was copied or exported.

The data in the affected server included personal information of students and applicants, such as full names, NRIC numbers, dates of birth, home addresses and e-mail addresses.

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