SG-SSB Ltd hacked and data leaked Hacked by SEPO

SEPO aka anon_4freedom has struck again after making headlines last week. with a few stockmarket websites and now its hitting Ghana again hacking the countrys main bank and leaking data from the hack. The bank SG-SSB is a bank that is based in Ghana. The name "SG-SSB" stands for "Société Générale – Social Security Bank"; the bank is part of the Société Générale banking group. The bank is based in Accra and its stock is listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange. It is a component of the GSE All-Share Index. According to its website it is the 4th largest bank in Ghana and has 38 branches in Ghana. The leak contains database and server information as well as a few accounts which all passwords are in clear text, which is a worry considering this is a bank.

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