Shadow Brokers Publish the Password for the Rest the Stolen NSA Hacking Tools (and Lecture President Trump)

Catalin Cimpanu reports:

The Shadow Brokers (TSB) are back, and they’ve released the password for the rest of the hacking tools they claim to have stolen from the NSA last year.TSB is a mysterious group that appeared in the summer of 2016 when they dumped on GitHub and other sites a trove of files they claim to have stolen from the Equation Group, a codename given to a cyber-espionage group many cyber-security experts believe to be the NSA.

Shadow Brokers dump password nobody wanted to buy

In their original announcement, the group dumped a collection of free files so that cyber-security experts can validate the veracity of their claims.In addition, the group also released a second set of files, which were encrypted with a password the group promised to provide to the winner of online bidding war.

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