Shafer’s attorney files motion to dismiss federal charges of cyberstalking an FBI agent’s family and court personnel

I haven’t had time to really read this carefully yet, but Tor Ekeland has filed a motion to dismiss  U.S. v. Shafer,  a case that may leave you scratching your head and wondering why the government is devoting so many precious resources to persecuting and harassing one of the good guys.

And for all this time, while they kept Shafer in pre-trial detention because he exercised his First Amendment rights, how many FTP servers have been serving up patient data to criminals but no one has been trying to warn the server owners to secure their data? How many vulnerabilities in software are being exploited by criminals because Shafer isn’t busy identifying and reporting vulnerabilities to CERT?


Shafer’s trial is still scheduled to begin January 22, but the court has not yet ruled on a motion to continue.

Update:  The trial is now scheduled for March 26, 2018. Maybe the MOtD will make that unnecessary? One can hope.

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