Shirbit declines to pay hackers as it faces further threats of leaked documents, increased ransom

This is like watching a train wreck….

i24News reports:

Cyberattack hackers said they’d leak more of the company’s data if it failed to pay $1 million bitcoin ransom.

Israel’s Shirbit insurance company, which has reportedly been the victim of an extensive data breach carried out by the Black Shadow group, refused to meet a 9 a.m. Sunday deadline to prevent more of the company’s information being released, Channel 13 reported and cited in The Jerusalem Post.

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Black Shadow seems to be taking  pages from other attackers’ methods:  dumping data, using media to encourage more coverage, and threatening to double the ransom after a few days if not paid.  But here’s the thing: for all the publicity they are getting, they are not getting paid the ransom.  Trying to pressure or shame Shirbit is not working.

In the past 24 hours, the attackers posted what they claim is evidence of interest in buying the data.

Screen capture from attackers’ Telegram account by

Is that supposed to pressure Shirbit into paying?  It seems extremely unlikely to work given they have already stood firm while other data was dumped.

But then Black Shadow also posted what they described as a final message about Shirbit.

BlackShadow posted a “final” message about Shirbit on Dec. 6. Screen capture by

If shirbit payed us 50 BTC at first , we have kept our promise as we have done so far .

Company tried to deny this deep infiltration and our valuable data and this behavior continued in The second round of negotiations.

Is that really their final message about Shirbit?  Somehow I doubt it….

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