Should Hacked Feds Lose Security Clearance?

Jack Moore reports:

If you fall for a phishing email, should you have your ability to handle sensitive government information revoked?

At least one federal chief information security officer is concerned about how frequently even senior-level federal employees fall for the bogus emails and is considering get-tough solutions.

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  1. IA Eng - September 21, 2015

    I don’t believe its about security clearances. Its about job ethics and not adhering to policies and procedures. They need a letter of reprimand in their record, get mandatory training and the efforts documented. If it affects their next paygrade, promotion or potential place of employment, then it will matter to them. If they think they can continue to get away with it, and they are an almost untouchable government service person, give them 6-12 month re-assignment to the policies and procedures branch. Give them established guidelines and due dates of specific work. After a year sitting down seeing what it takes to write the rules they refuse to follow, if that doesn’t change their ways, a congressional firing of the person responsible will send a message to all that think the government service worker is nearly untouchable.

    I won’t disclose where I work, or whom for. But, a very, very high VIP old everyone who works here – If people who continue to make bad choices and costing the government to lose many people hours and have much network down time, this place WILL look for the talent that will not engage in that activity. So basically he said – knock it off, or your out the door. He was very clear about the aspect of taking cyber security, policies and procedures very seriously.

    I “can consider” all sorts of things all day long. Until they get their knickers in a bunch and get off their duff and change something – it will stay the same way for decades. Let’s see some action instead of a line of ill equipped words.

    • Dissent - September 21, 2015

      Not sure I understand you. Are you saying that losing security clearance isn’t enough and they should lose their job if they fall for phishing more than once (or even once)?

      • IA Eng - September 22, 2015

        They need a letter of reprimand in their record. The letter would state something like, we’ve attempted to correct this persons BAD behavior and he (and they) failed. Its a form of counseling that shows documentation and will adversely affect their chances at getting a pay raise.

        Your not going to lose a security clearance for clicking on an email. Your going to lose a security clearance if there is a documented case which shows multiple incidents of the same type policy violations against the individual. Like I said, take that person out of the comfort zone they are in once they have repeated an actionable offense and let them know they have been removed from a privileged area since they are not capable of keeping out of trouble.

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