ShowTix4U Security Breach Notification


ShowTix4U recently became aware of a potential security incident possibly affecting the personal information of certain individuals who made a payment card purchase on the website. We are providing this notice as a precaution to inform potentially affected individuals about the incident and to call your attention to some steps you can take to help protect yourself. We sincerely regret any concern this may cause you.

What Happened

We were recently alerted by our payment card processor to a potential security incident involving our website. Based upon an ongoing forensic investigation, it appears that an unauthorized actor was able to gain access to our third-party vendor’s server and install malicious software on our website. The malicious software appears designed to capture payment card information as the information was inputted.

What Information Was Involved

We believe that the incident could have affected certain information (including name, address, email address, telephone number, payment card account number, expiration date, and card verification code) of individuals who made a purchase on the website between December 11, 2016, and February 2, 2017. According to our records, you made a payment card transaction on the website during that timeframe and your information may be affected. Please note that because we do not collect sensitive personal information like Social Security numbers, this type of sensitive information was not affected by this incident.

What We Are Doing

We take the privacy of personal information seriously, and deeply regret that this incident occurred. We’ve taken steps to address this incident promptly after we were alerted to it, including engaging outside forensic experts to assist us in investigating, remediating the situation, and transitioning away from the third-party vendor that hosted our website. The incident has been contained. In addition, the incident has been reported to federal law enforcement and we are cooperating with their investigation.

What You Can Do

As always, we encourage you to regularly review your credit card statements and report any suspicious or unrecognized activity immediately to your financial institution. We are working with the card brands who will notify your financial institutions or yourself, if necessary, of steps that will or can be taken to secure your credit card information. In instances of payment card fraud, it is important to note that cardholders are typically not responsible for any fraudulent activity that is reported in a timely fashion.

Please review the “Information about Identity Theft Protection” reference guide, included here, which describes additional steps that you may take to help protect yourself, including recommendations by the Federal Trade Commission regarding identity theft protection and details on placing a fraud alert at no cost or a security freeze on your credit file.

For More Information

If you have additional questions or concerns about this incident, you may contact us at 866-981-6854 between 9am-5pm PST or email [email protected] Again, we sincerely regret any concern this event may cause you.



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