Sierra College investigating scope of latest ransomware incident

In May 2021, Sierra College in California confirmed that it was hit by a ransomware attack.  Whatever steps the college may have taken to prevent another ransomware attack were apparently not sufficient, however, because Vice Society added the college to its list of “partners” this week.

Vice did not post any data at this point, but the college confirmed that it had been hit and pointed DataBreaches to its updates on Twitter, including the August acknowledgement of a ransomware attack:

The 2021 attack was not the work of Vice Society, but appeared to be the work of Pysa ransomware team. Both Pysa and Vice Society have used a double-extortion model. As of yesterday, a college spokesperson informed DataBreaches, “The investigation is ongoing on whether any data was compromised.”

Based on Vice Society’s track record, there seems little likelihood that no data was compromised. It may be just a question of how much data and which data, but we may not know that until either Vice dumps data or the college issues further updates.


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