Simple fix to bank security breach: Close the blinds

Ivan Penn reports:

Major financial institutions spend millions of dollars protecting private information from falling into the wrong hands.

But even with all the high-tech gadgetry and sophisticated computer firewalls, sometimes they miss the simplest safeguards — like closing the blinds.

Take the Bank of America branch office on the high pedestrian and vehicle traffic corner of Second Avenue S and Third Street in downtown St. Petersburg.

Read more on Tampa Bay Tribune. What’s somewhat disturbing about this story is how much follow-up the situation required. Even after pointing out the privacy and security risks, employees reportedly continued to leave the blinds open, allowing passersby to see or capture information on the employees’ screens.

Hopefully the newspaper’s coverage will keep the bank focused on ensuring that customer account data is not exposed to passersby. Somehow I suspect that Mr. Penn will be checking up on them periodically.

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