Singapore passes law to tackle ‘foreign interference,’ giving authorities the power to block internet content

On October 5, Reuters reported:

Singapore’s Parliament has approved a law giving broad powers to the government to deal with foreign interference — sparking concern from the opposition and experts about its wide scope and limits on judicial review.

The small and open city-state, which says it is vulnerable to foreign meddling, targeted fake news with a far-reaching law in 2019.
Among the measures, FICA allows authorities to compel internet and social media service providers, as well as website operators, to provide user information, block content and remove applications.
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So think about all the sites that report on data leaks or actually link to or provide data dumps, etc.  Will the government attempt to block access to all these sites? While the stated intent of the bill seems to be fake news and political activities, can mission creep into blocking leak sites be far behind – or will they just propose another bill?

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