Singapore real estate firm breached by ALTDOS

Singapore-based OrangeTee appears to have suffered a massive hack and data exfiltration by ALTDOS threat actors. “Your highly sophisticated work has exhausted us, both energy and financially,” the firm allegedly wrote to the threat actors on August 6.

OrangeTee & Tie Building, SingaporeAs this site previously reported, ALTDOS claimed responsibility for a recent attack on OrangeTee in Singapore. OrangeTee describes itself as “Singapore’s 1st One-Stop Real Estate Digital Ecosystem for Property Agents.”

ALTDOS provided this site with a statement and proof of claim. On August 12, they claimed, in part, that they had been stealing the firm’s databases since June, 2021 “without any detection by OT Group IT management.”

The stolen data reportedly include “969 databases from ACSystem, NewOrangeTee, OT_Analytics, OT_Leave, and ProjInfoListing, ranging from corporate / financial records to customer private personal and financial information.”

On August 6, OT Group released a  statement on their website. Nonpublicly, however, they also allegedly emailed ALTDOS about their negotiations. The email, which OrangeTee neither confirmed nor denied in a statement to, said that partners and customers were leaving them, that banks had suspended their transactions, and that the agents were leaving them or would be leaving them.  The future of the company and its ability to recover from the attack was described in pessimistic terms, and the company sought more time to come up with a solution.

On August 12, they reportedly informed ALTDOS that they would not be paying any ransom as their board had not approved it.

As part of the proof of claim provided to this site, ALTDOS included a video showing directory of folders. In a few cases, they showed the contents of the folder or a file, such as one that included more than 3,600 individuals’ names, account numbers, bank name and information.

Message from ALTDOS
A message to OrangeTee from ALTDOS tells them to Google them and do their due diligence.

In their August 3 message to OrangeTee depicted in the figure above, ALTDOS referred to a business that was destroyed and reputation ruined. asked them what business or businesses were they claiming they had ruined. In response, they pointed out that Vhive’s web site was still not restored for online ordering and sales. Vhive had been attacked on March 23, and that does seem like a long time for them to have been unable to restore their online store. emailed Vhive to ask about that, but once again, they did not reply.

In their statement to this site, ALTDOS claimed that the data they exfiltrated included “name, national registration number, address, date of birth, giro account, mobile, email, password, transaction details, commission, digital contact tracing, courses, and more.” did not see proof of all of the data types mentioned in ALTDOS’s statement, and OrangeTee did not respond to specific questions put to it.  In a statement to on August 19, OrangeTee’s Data Protection Officer wrote:

Please be advised that we are currently working closely with external cyber security experts and law enforcement agencies to investigate the incident.
Apart from this, we have no further comments.

According to ALTDOS, OrangeTee’s front end is working, but not the backend.

As of the time of this publication, ALTDOS has not dumped any data.

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