SingPass breach: time for government agencies to take security more seriously

Alfred Siew reports:

Perhaps the worst thing that can happen after the recent SingPass security breach is to assume it cannot happen again.

This idea that everything is working fine is foolhardy, after news last week that three of the 1,560 compromised SingPass accounts were used to apply for work permits.

Thus it’s disappointing to hear the government saying there are no vulnerabilities with the existing SingPass system. In Parliament yesterday, Minister for Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim instead repeated the advice to users to strengthen their passwords and be more security-savvy.

What message does he send to government agencies, then? That their practices have so far reflected a good awareness of security issues when delivering their e-services?

Unfortunately, by telling everyone that SingPass is okay, the government does not seem to be recognising the threats that many experts have told them over the years, and which users are also telling them now.

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