Oct 082010

Frank Hayes writes:

When a gang of thieves physically tampers with point-of-sale systems, the tampering is usually a local operation. But that may be changing. Discount grocer Aldi said Friday (Oct. 1) that it has found tampered payment-card readers in stores in 11 states, spread from the east coast to Illinois. The retailer said the tampering was only in a limited number of its 1,100 U.S. stores, and all those stores were clustered near 10 cities—but the stolen data is being cashed out thousands of miles away.

Read more on StorefrontBacktalk.

Via @_Florindo_

Reading the full commentary, I started thinking that this sounds very much like we heard in the Hancock Fabrics breach. In that multi-state breach, the chain also seemingly used older pin pads.

Are older pin pads a thief’s best friend?

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