Skype Source Code Leaked

Over the past few weeks we have been seeing many different high profile names becoming victim to hackers. One of the latest appears to be Skype the well known voice messaging and internet phone system. The attack has seen 3 torrent files being released which include a reversed engineered copy of the skype protocol, the source development kit(sdk) and needed runtime and de-obfuscated, unpacked Skype 5.5 and 5.9 binaries for Windows.

Skype source code & deobfuscated binaries leaked! ‪#Anonymous‬ ‪#Antisec‬ ‪#PoliceState‬‪#SecurityState‬ ‪#OpenSource‬

The leak was announced via twitter and posted to pastebay with links to all 3 torrents which can be found on the pirate bay.

AFTER MICROSOFT ACQUIRING SKYPE FOR 8.5 BILLION DOLLARS AND PROCEEDING TO ADD BACK DOORS FOR GOVERNMENT TO THE PROGRAM, THE SOFTWARE HAS BEEN HACKED AND IT’S SOURCE CODE RELEASED Skype1.4_binaries skypekit binaries for Windows and x86_Linux + SDK skype55_59_deobfuscated_binaries (Windows) #Anonymous #Antisec #PoliceState #SecurityState #OpenSource

Total size of all torrents is just under 300mb with hundreds of peers/seeds onto them already this is turning out to be one of the hottest leaks of source code this year.

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