SLC Security to WakeMed: Wake Up!!!!

As previously noted on this blog, SLC Security has been trying since early September- unsuccessfully – to get WakeMed to stop an alleged data leak of thousands of patients’ information.

This week, SLC Security posted:

Here are some details. We previously contacted them but they have not responded. Records redacted so we are not creating an additional issue.If you are either one of these entities you may want to contact WakeMed and ask them why they are disclosing your personal information.J. Jon** Age 30+ Oct 29th 2014
E. Wel*** Age 80+ Oct 29th 2014

PHIprivacy e-mailed WakeMed through their site’s contact form on Wednesday, asking why they still hadn’t reportedly stemmed the leak and/or responded to SLC.
No answer.

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