Slickwraps Suffered a Massive Data Breach (Updated: Yep)

Kellen writes:

Ummm, if you are a Slickwraps customer, you might see an email arrive this morning that claims the company has been hacked. The email might not be lying to you either, as this does not appear to be a promotion or some sort of fun exercise. This may be related to a massive security breach.

An email titled “ATTN: ALL SLICKWRAPS CUSTOMERS” is showing up in inboxes with the word “Slickwraps” changed to “SLICKHACKED.”

Read more on DroidLife. The story explains that the email resulted from a report on Medium how a researcher attempted responsible notification to Slickwraps, but was ignored and so the researcher went full disclosure.  Someone obviously followed up.

At the time of this posting, the Medium article by @Lynx0x00 has been removed by Medium. Thankfully, it has been archived elsewhere so you can still read it.

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