SMS Dakia & ITChowk Hacked, Data leaked by @0x00x00

A Website that offers SMS and other IT based services, SMS Dakia ( ) has been hacked as well as a IT Forum that is dedicated to teaching IT to others in the Urda language ( ). The was just announced a short time ago via twitter from @0x00x00. The SMS Dakia leak was uploaded to drop-box in the format of 2x sql files that contain a raw export from the phone book and users database and was uploaded to the Ubuntu based paste bin in the format of a raw SQL dump. The attack comes a very short time after two Pakistani forums user credentials were leaked. The files for SMS Dakia are from the user and phone number databases and contain all the user credentials for the sites login as well as all their phone numbers and account details. All together there is just over 9000 accounts with emails detected, time of publishing the website appeared to be unaffected from this attack. The attack on the website has left the website featuring the same 404 page that the previous Pakistani forums were when they got hacked in similar fashion. The leak contains just over 3000 user accounts from the data base that is said to have over 200k users.

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