Snai down, the company explains: cyber attack on the website and app of online submissions

Gazzetta del Sud reports (translation):

Snaitech, one of the main legal gaming operators in Italy, announces that it has been the subject of a cyber attack by unknown persons which has caused, starting from last December 27, the malfunctioning of the site and the gaming apps. 

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In related coverage, Marco A. DeFelice (@amvinfe) writes on SuspectFile (translation):

Now it’s official: the site was attacked by a Ransomware-type hacker group.

The official press release was sent to SuspectFile by Snaitech’s Press Office at 17:25 today 28 December 2020.

The press release speaks of “a cyber attack by unknown persons which caused, starting from last December 27, the malfunctioning of the site and of the gaming apps”.

As we had foreseen both for the preventive modalities of the offline putting of the site by the IT technicians, and for the prolongation of the failure to restore the betting site quickly, it suggested a targeted attack by hackers.

According to the press release, the game accounts and sensitive user data were not affected by the intrusion,  Users are therefore reassured about their accounts – continues the press release – that they will not undergo any changes or lost”.

But how often do we see such claims that user data was not impacted, and then months later the entity discovers that such data was impacted but the attackers had covered their tracks well?  Can we really feel confident based on such assurances?

Read more on SuspectFile.

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