defaced and email list dumped by @LulzSecPortugal

lulzsec-portugal Translated text > > Corruption in the PSP: "Among those responsible investigated by MP and by the General Inspectorate of Internal Administration, is the Superintendent Leopoldo Amaral Almeida, secretary general of those services. At the root of the inquiries are alleged awarding of contracts to much higher costs than prevailing in the market, the misuse of state cars, luxury lunches and protocols concluded with several companies whose funds are uncertain destiny. Contacted by "24", the prime suspect in the investigation, admits that there may be some irregularities in the management of services Social PSP, but denies having taken any benefit of it, claiming to be of "conscience." Leopoldo Amaral Almeida ensures that the funds in question are negligible and in the report and accounts of the services who is secretary-general, claiming that it is be the target of a "cabal." "If someone wants to take care of Social Services, feel free. My place is and has always been available," he stresses. "

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