Jan 082018

Travis Loose reports:

The Centennial School District on Friday announced a security breach within its student information systems. District officials do not currently believe any important student information was taken, however the investigation is ongoing.

Two Centennial High School students — a junior and senior, both under 18 — are responsible for data breach, school district spokeswoman Carol Fenstermacher told Patch in an email Friday. One of the students reportedly told authorities they did it to “show that the system could be hacked,” Fenstermacher said, but police are working to determine any specific or nefarious intent.

The district’s IT staff reportedly found the access points that were hacked by the students and has secured them, Fenstermacher said. Law enforcement is determining the full extent of the breach and figuring what, if anything, was taken.

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  One Response to “So easy children could do it? Centennial School District Hacked by Students”

  1. Honestly this started as a meme and finished strong as a meme. The fact we both got expelled makes it more of a meme honestly. Just to make this more of a meme she said something about how “it’s like an onion” thats basically a shrek quote, also one list had 6-6.5k students, there were also 2 lists and a lot of information

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