Soapblox hacked, quits, tries to re-start

Slightly OT, but a reader alerted me to this:

On January 6, SoapBlox, a blogging community for mostly political bloggers, posted the following:

SoapBlox is Dead

It was a good ride, but it’s over.

Thanks for all the fish.

All these hackers messing with our stuff, and we here at SoapBlox have no clue what to do. We don’t have enough knowledge, time, money, or care to fix it.

So I hope the Hackers are happy.

If you want the data from your blog, we will get it. But we are not going to try and restore anything.

Consider this the “We’re Out of Business” post.

Most of the servers have been taken off line because they were being used to hack and exploit other websites. The hackers install this crap on servers after they get in. SoapBlox’s ISP then takes the servers off line.

We do not know when they will come back online.

We do not know if they will come back online.

Today, SoapBlox reports that they’d like to keep going, but they need help.

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