SOCA, Cambodia National Bank & US Courts Attacked for #OpFreeAssange

just-ping-online-ping-online-web-based-ping-free-online-ping-from-50-locations-worldwide This weekend has been very eventful so far and it is looking that the following weeks may be to with a few new operations backed by anonymous and other hacktivist are picking up pace. The most recent attacks come from @0x00x00 who has been using exploits within the sites servers has been taking down a number of high profile sites The most high profile site so far is the Serious Organised crime agency ( the other sites to be taken down so far as well are the Cambodian National Bank ( and a subdomain for the US court systems ( oops-google-chrome-could-not-connect-to-www-mab_-uscourts-gov_ These attacks have all been in the name of the Operation Dubbed #OpFreeAssange  and at time of publishing the sites where back up and active. The attacks have not been long lasting but they have been fairly constant for up to an hour each. oops-google-chrome-could-not-connect-to-www-nbc_-org_-kh_ #OpFreeAssange has also had other targets over the past weekend with a few websites being defaced and sites such as and

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