Social Network Soup taken offline with DDoS Attack

content/images/gallery/ddos/maintenance.png 2012 is turning into year of the DDoS with many high profile websites falling to the packets that come their way from hackers. In the past week we have seen websites such as TPB, wikileaks, chicagopolice, 123-reg and many others fall off the Internet for a brief amount of time due to these on going ddos attacks. Currently at time of publishing it would seem that a large social network ( is under attack from ddos, well that’s what the sites maintenance page states anyway.  Now the reasons and people behind this attack is currently unknown and if its anything like all the other recent ones, its going to be difficult to nail it down to one person or group. We first got alerted to the outage via twitter from a angry user.

dear internets, what the fuck is wrong with you? #soupio #ddos

Also making headlines a hosting company/provider 123-reg was knocked offline which resulted in many other sites being taken down to. In a statement on the its service status page just after midday today, 123-reg blamed attackers in China:

From 11:30 to 22:50 our network was undergoing a massive distributed denial of service attack from China. Due to the nature and size of this attack the firewall systems in place needed to be reconfigured to block the bad traffic and allow the good traffic through.

more about the 123-reg attack: 

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