Social Science Site Using Azure Loses Data

Charles Babcock reports:

Dedoose, a social science data company, has lost some of its customers’ data while operating on the Microsoft Azure cloud. “This is a horrible moment for our company. We have never lost data or had a breach,” said Dedoose president Eli Lieber in an interview.

At best, it will be able to restore data stored through April 11, Lieber said, and perhaps only up to March 30. For an uncertain minority of customers, data added to their accounts after April 11 has been lost, said Lieber.


The Los Angeles Times reported that Dedoose officials sent an email Monday saying that both its operational and storage systems had failed. “The timing of this event was such that our entire data storage container was corrupted — including the master database and all local backups,” the company wrote in the email.

“Within minutes of discovering the problem, we contacted Microsoft Azure support. Unfortunately, Microsoft was unable to recover these data… from its servers,” the Dedoose email to customers said. Microsoft officials couldn’t be reached for comment.

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