SocialBlade hacked – LeakedSource

From was hacked in August of 2016. Their main website contains 273,086 users while their forums contains only 13,009. Each record contains an email address, ip address, username, user identifier, and one password.

Additionally, data we haven’t imported includes authentication tokens for YouTube, Instagram and Twitter for thousands of users as well as some statistics on large subscriber bases.

Anyone may use any information on this page for free provided LeakedSource is given credit and a direct link back.

You may search for yourself in the leaked SocialBlade database by visiting our homepage. If your personal information appears in our copy of this database, or in any other leaked database that we possess, you may remove yourself for free.

Read more on LeakedSource, where you will not be surprised to learn that the most common password in the data was 123456, but you’ll also see some interesting data analyses related to the recent Leafyishere sub botting controversy.

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