Software Company Tom Sawyer Hacked, 61,000 Vendors Accounts Leaked

user_info A hacker who uses the handle Nairb has been on a leaking streak over the past few days and to continue that they have now dumped information from a software based company. Tom Sawyer produces data visualization, layout, and analysis component software that is designed for use by application developers. Nairb has announced the leak from there twitter account and posted a sample to pastebay with the full data being uploaded to MEGA. In the pastebay post there was a tiny msg as below.

Last part translated into normal speak: makes pretty charts for power point 😉 The dump consists of the partially decrypted auth file and company/userlist file in main folder with mostly complete dump of main db and partial of staging db. 2 pieces to da puzzle

The full data contains well over 60,000 vendor accounts with full login details and account information with user names, email addresses, contact information, encrypted passwords and location information. auth_user_md5tslive2tslive1tsstaging

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