Some Cub Pharmacies in Minnesota report breaches due to looters

Cub Pharmacies is the fourth chain I’ve seen that is reporting some theft of protected health information related to looters during protests in May.  But when you read the descriptions of these events — these not just protesters protesting. These people intentionally stole patient data and records.  For what political protest purpose?  None that I can see. Who are they hurting? Their neighbors and families? Or are these out-of-town agitators or those trying to create a bad impression of protesters.  There is security footage in at least one of these cases, and I hope law enforcement can identify the perpetrators and arrest them.  From Cub:

During the events of May 27-30, 2020, eight Cub Pharmacies were broken into, during which time customer information was stolen from six of the pharmacies. These thefts included the removal of locked safes, binders containing past prescription records, and prescription orders that were in the process of being completed. We discovered some of these thefts immediately upon securing and reentering the stores (between May 28-30). More recently, a review of security video footage completed on June 20 identified additional customer information that was taken during the looting. Where possible, we’ve notified customers directly if their information was stolen but, unfortunately, we weren’t able to identify all potential customers in this manner.

….  Also at the Lake Street location, a recent review of security footage indicated that looters took binders containing past prescription records that the pharmacy is required by law to retain.  We do not know whose past prescription records were in the binders that were stolen from the Lake Street pharmacy. The information that was stolen would have included customer names, addresses, prescription numbers, drug names, drug quantities, ordering physician names and addresses, number of refills remaining, and prescription dates.


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