Some Iowa inmates could have seen guards’ data

KGAN in Iowa reports:

Starting a new program for inmates at an Iowa correctional facility could turn out to be a horrible deal for prison employees.

Personal information about the guards may have made to the inmates.

An unwanted letter in Saturday’s mail has Steve Gray worried about identity theft.

“Name and social security number was in an unsecured location that was accessible to inmates,” Steve says, reading from the letter.
Those were inmates at the Fort Dodge Correctional Facility, 100 of them.

CBS 2 investigated Steve’s concern, and the story goes back to March 2000.

Prison employees, like Steve and his wife were asked to not only sign paperwork, but to include a social security number.

About two weeks ago an officer found a stack of 23 papers, 23 different names and socials in a desk drawer.

What used to be an office is now an inmate barber shop.

This sensitive information has been within reach for three or four months.

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