Some members of Anonymous go after neo-Nazi organizations and sites (update1)

OK, first I noticed a paste on Pastebin.htm on December 30 by a “guest” that simply listed domain names:

NPD is the extreme right-wing party in Germany, so the paste caught my eye.

Then today I saw this story by John Blau in Deutsche-Welle about how #Anonymous had launched an anti-neo-Nazi web site where they are taking down web sites and exposing data from a number of sites , including at least some of the ones mentioned in the paste. According to press coverage:

The lists include complete names and, in many cases, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of people who, for instance, have visited, communicated or done business with a variety of Web sites, such as a far-right Thor Steinar clothing shop or who have contributed to the NPD.

Also included are names and contact details of people who have written for the Junge Freiheit (Boys Freedom) newspaper.

The Thor Steinar dump on the web site appears to consist of 48,818 names and e-mail addresses.

Alastair Stevenson also reports on the breach on IBT:

News of the new attack broke on Monday when the collective posted the names of several hundred subscribers to a number of online stores selling clothing associated with far-right groups and writers for the Junge Freiheit newspaper – a publication with right wing leanings – on the web portal.

As well as the list, Frankfurter Rundschau reported that Anonymous hackers had also claimed responsibility for cyber-attacks on 15 sites believed to be associated with the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (NPD), crediting the assault as a part of “Operation Blitzkrieg.”

It is not just German neo-Nazis being targeted in #OpBlitzkrieg, however. Another data dump on Pastebin today reveals 1,424 names, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers of customers of an online store in Sevilla, Spain that the hacker describes as “fascist.”

Update:  John Leyden of The Register adds:

Some of the data, such as the internal emails, had been previously disclosed, but other information is new. The launch of the site this week represents the latest phase of OpBlitzkrieg, which launched early last year with a string of DDoS attacks.

A representative of the NPD told German newswire DPA that it was considering legal action against The publishers of right-wing weekly newspaper Junge Freiheit (Young Freedom) have already launched a legal suit against the site’s “anonymous operators”.

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