Some Results from Hannibals 100,000 Email Leak, So Many Fakes

Well, i didn’t expect it to process that fast, but we have some results on the claimed 100,000k email leak frm Hannibal that was targeting claimed arabics. part one stats

Results Vaild Emails found: 2,577 Duplicate Emails found: 2,122 Email Types Hotmails: 127 LiveMail: 14 Gmails: 219 Yahoos:4,020

Part Two Stats > Results Vaild Emails found: 2,770 Duplicate Emails found: 1,886 Email Types Hotmails:101 LiveMail:7 Gmails:235 Yahoos:4,035

Part three stats> Results Vaild Emails found: 3 Duplicate Emails found: 11 Email Types Hotmails:0 LiveMail:0 Gmails:1 Yahoos:12

Part four stats > Results Vaild Emails found: 2,300 Duplicate Emails found: 2,301 Email Types Hotmails:126 LiveMail:21 Gmails:203 Yahoos:3,904

So as you can see that was well off from 100,000… and all the other leaks in the on going cyber war have also turned out very similar results with duplicates running very high.

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