Some TD Bank customers’ information sent to other customers

Jennifer Gannon reports

Some customers of TD Bank had their information sent to other customers because of what the bank called a vendor error.

TD Bank said a national firm responsible for printing and mailing statements accidentally sent some customers statements that had other customers’ information on the back.

Stephania Pearce was balancing her checkbook Thursday morning when she noticed something was off while checking her bank statement.

“Turned my page over, and someone else’s canceled checks were looking me back in the face in the middle of my bank statement,” she said.

Pearce said there were routing numbers, signatures and personal account information.

Read more on WMUR. The vendor was not named, and any reports to New Hampshire and Vermont have not yet shown up on those states’ breach reporting sites.

The last report from TD Bank to those states was in October 2012, when the bank reported two missing backup tapes with information on 43,750 New Hampshire residents. The total number affected by that breach was not disclosed.

TD Bank also had a number of other incidents n 2012 and 2013 that were reported to the Maryland Attorney General’s Office:

  • In June and July of 2012, they made three reports involving dishonest employees providing information to an unauthorized party.
  • In January 2013, TD Bank reported an incident to the Maryland Attorney General’s office involving a dishonest employee of an unnamed vendor.
  • In April and June 2013,  they filed two incident reports with Maryland about dishonest employees who provided consumer information to third parties.

Most of these reports flew under the media radar.

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