Some updates on the South Carolina Dept. of Revenue breach

Some updates while I was offline due to Hurricane Sandy. Well, I’m still without power, and our street is still impassable and yet another storm is due in two days, but thankfully the library is open and I can keep warm here for a bit each day…

From the I-was-waiting-for-this dept.:

Security experts blew raspberries at Gov. Haley’s claims that the state was following industry standards when it decided not to encrypt SSN’s. Jaikumar Vijayan has the story on Computerworld.

Elsewhere, Andrew Shain reported that the breach went from godawful to godawful+ when it turned out that not just most of the state’s residents were affected, but businesses were too:

 As many as 657,000 S.C. businesses had their tax information stolen in the massive security breach at the state Department of Revenue that also claimed the records of up to 3.6 million people, Gov. Nikki Haley said Wednesday.

Since Friday, when they announced the hacking publicly, state officials had said that they did not think business records were exposed.

Read more on Charlotte Observer.

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